GeoBroker: Leveraging Geo-Contexts for IoT Data Distribution


In the Internet of Things, the relevance of data often depends on the geographic context of data producers and consumers. Today’s data distribution services, however, mostly focus on data content and not on geo-context, which could help to reduce the dissemination of excess data in many IoT scenarios. In this paper, we propose to use the geo-context information associated with devices to control data distribution. We define what geo-context dimensions exist and compare our definition with concepts from related work. Furthermore, we designed GeoBroker, a data distribution service that uses the location of things, as well as geofences for messages and subscriptions, to control data distribution. This way, we enable new IoT application scenarios while also increasing overall system efficiency for scenarios where geo-contexts matter by delivering only relevant messages. We evaluate our approach based on a proof-of-concept prototype and several experiments.

Computer Communications
Dr. Jonathan Hasenburg
Dr. Jonathan Hasenburg
Research Associate

My research focuses primarily on the optimization of publish/subscribe systems for mobile IoT applications by using geo-context information.